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The Ramblings of a Seamstress, Gardener, Chicken Keeper, and Housewife

Proof of My Adventures (and Misadventures!)

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Newest Costume Undertaking

I know it's been a long, long time since I updated here, but I figured a few of you might be interested in this.  It's the first complex costume project I've taken on in a while, and I'm relatively happy with how it turned out.

This set is a replica of Darken Rahl's costume in Legend of the Seeker.  The client wanted some modifications, but all other details were kept as close to the real costume as possible.

Supplies from left to right: poly satin and poly brocade, both used as lining; poly blend (I think? It was a clearance find with no content listed) for the outer vest; poly blend chenille (again, a clearance find) for the outer coat; gold cord and trim; rayon velvet for the coat collar.  There are also buttons on there, but the client wanted some adjustability in the vest so I ended up not using them.

Clasp Hardware
Hardware for a front coat closure.  This was a last-minute addition, so I wasn't able to find anything like what the show's designers used.  In desperation, I picked up this stuff and crossed my fingers that it would come out all right.

Finished Clasp
I replaced the elastic with gold ribbon, did some gold leaf painting on all the metal bits to make them match, stitched everything down, and then added deep red crystals.  I'm relatively pleased with the results.

Goldwork Design
After very careful study of multiple screenshots, I drew the goldwork patterns for the coat sleeves.  I used a fusible tear-away stabilizer everywhere there was goldwork.  Then came meticulous pinning of the cord, which I sewed on with a zig-zag stitch.

Coat Sleeve
Forgive the screen door intrusion and the background mess.  This is the crispest pic I have of that detail.

Coat Front
Ben was kind enough to model this (with the client's permission, of course!)  He's a little smaller than the client, but you get the idea.

Coat Back
Vest Front
Vest Side
At the client's request, I made both sides of the vest side-lacing so that it will adjust to fit winter layers underneath.  If you're wondering...yes, that is steel corset boning in the channels alongside the grommets.  What can I say?  It works!

It's not every day you can dress like the emperor of D'Hara.  :D

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Astounding!! You're so friggin rad.


Oh my! This is sooo beautiful! Amazing! I so want to make this myself! Maybe you have some (high ress photo's of the patterns? That would be great..!

Greetings Luni (luniyah@live.nl)

The coat's base pattern is Butterick 6844. The vest is the Alter Years side lacing doublet.

I like the alot on your Icon A lot.

Also, I am really loving this costume!!! Who do you know that is bad-ass enough to cosplay Darken Rahl? I am so sad Legend got canceled!

Thank you very much! The guy I made it for really just wanted the costume...I don't think he intends to cosplay Darken Rahl. You're right, very few people could pull that one off. :) I'm still hoping the show will go on - it's my understanding that it isn't actually canceled yet, just in need of a different distributer. *crosses fingers*

*Crosses Fingers* That makes sense, I know it was always on really weird times, which was why I took to watching it on netflix.

I am really happy they went for red for his costumes instead of white (Like in the book). I don't think white would work so well on Craig parker, not being blonde :) Do they have a "fan costume" submission page on the website? You should do it!

Yeah, I completely agree with the red outfit for Craig. The one time he wore white it looked really...wrong.

I actually emailed the folks at legendoftheseeker.org, since there are other fan costumes on there, but I never heard back and they didn't pull my pics from flickr. Maybe I'll try again, now that I've been reminded. ;)

I have a friend who made a pretty respectable Mord-Sith costume. She's the girlfriend of the Rahl costume recipient. As far as themed couples costumes go, that's pretty awesome.

Maybe if you could get a picture of them together? It would't be hard to put in a caption saying who made what.

I love her neck corset, it's spot on!

I really like the vest. I was thinking of going as Darken Rahl for this Halloween. Could I possibly get this vest made for me?

I am new to Live Journal so I don' t how else to communicate.


Hi Robert! I'd be happy to make the vest for you. Email me at bethklimek at yahoo dot com and we can work out the details.

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