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The Ramblings of a Seamstress, Gardener, Chicken Keeper, and Housewife

Proof of My Adventures (and Misadventures!)

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So sick of people stirring the shit pot!


Once again, we Rising Winders look like a bunch of backwards assholes. There seems to be a portion of the populace bent on blowing eveything out of proportion and embellishing to the point of outright falsehood. People who weren't there and are only getting the twisted version of the story are spouting off on the list, and it's making innocent people look like monsters. Certain persons of high status are only stirring things up, not attempting to calm the situation. I don't think I have ever felt ashamed of my peers or of the people I hope to someday call my peers, but that is how I feel about some of them now. I'm deeply saddened by this.

I think that in lieu of posting on the list (and hence stirring things up even more), I'll just write here what I would have written there.

"I'm really very curious as to where any confusion would have come from. Regardless of the fact that the posts state that no entries will be accepted once judging begins at 10:30, each of those posts also states that registration ends at 10:15. Perhaps it's just me, but I don't think any entry can be judged if it's not registered. Period. This is exactly why pre-registration is offered. If Wisp, TuSox, or Markosias had simply planned ahead and preregistered, then showing up at 10:22 would not have been an issue. Judging had not started, and they would have already been registered. No problem. Unfortunately, that simple pre-planning step was skipped for whatever reason.

"While we're on the subject of pre-planning, I have to ask...why would a person who is driving to town from another state, going to a place s/he has never been, who carries a passenger that is under 3 years old, not allow extra time to get to said place? That kind of 'just wing it' attitude does not bode well for a monarchial candidate. In my opinion, someone who takes their candidacy seriously will not only be there on time, but be there early. I heard two different excuses as to their lateness: that the toddler had to take a potty break, and that the group took a wrong turn. Both of these are real life issues that any traveller faces, as well as needing to stop for gas, food, or to stretch; getting pulled over; or being caught behind a traffic jam or accident. If a man who thinks he could lead the kingdom can't preplan even that far ahead, then I believe he isn't the man for the job.

"Many people are calling for Kizmit, Abigail, and Hobbit to 'do the right thing' and allow Wisp to be on the ballot. I'm in total disagreement with that. Whether it's right or wrong, we've already set a precedent for this situation. At least two other candidates have been penalized by it in the past. Turning around now and saying that it's OK for Wisp and Markosias to be allowed on the ballot is not ethical. Anyone who says we should do so has, regretfully, lost some of my respect. If those people feel strongly enough about this situation, they can use it to start making changes to the current system so that future elections are more lenient. I'm not sure they should be more lenient, as it's a good test of one's dedication, but it's an option.

"I've said my piece. What I'd really like is for all the villainizing and shit-talking to stop, and for people to just go back to playing this game. After all, the game is the only constant in this whole thing. Monarchy comes and goes, but Amtgard endures."

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I like to see you vent. Its good to hear you have thoughts and feeling about all this. I'm sorry if I embarrassed you as your Knight with any of my comments, I didn't mean for that to happen if it did. I rarely feel strongly about something, this just happened to push all the wrong buttons for me.

Let me explain where I came from on all this:

At first I thought as you did. hey, they're late they should have planned better. But the excuse I kept getting was that we had set a precedent over the last few years and we needed to stand by that. Fine. I can agree with that as well, if it were true. But it isn't. The same people that we're saying 'No. A deadline is a deadline, we've set a precedence in the past of not allowing people in after a certain point.' are the same people that had no problem allowing the exact same individuals to enter items 30 minutes past the deadline in the most recent DM competition. This is a double standard. They had no problem letting Chase & Co. enter things 30 minutes late at the last Kingdom level A&S tourney because 'judging hadn't started yet'. I saw it as nothing other than a loop hole to ensure an uncontested race.

I asked Tori if the judging started on time. She said no, because she was dealing with the above problem. I said 'Oh! Something unforseen happened and caused you to run late?' Is that poor planning on her part? Shouldn't she have had things ready earlier in case something unforseen happened? Isn't this the same reasoning you are using for Will and Co? That they should have prepared for the unforseen better so they could have made it on time at all costs? Again I see a double standard. Its the same do as I say not as I do crap my parents pulled on my growing up.

Regardless of the everything though, it's handled. I didn't post the above to try and sway your thinking and such. You're opinions are yours and mine are mine. But I felt I needed to explain why I erupted over this like I did, and to offer you an apology for my behavior if it reflected badly on our belted family.

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