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The Ramblings of a Seamstress, Gardener, Chicken Keeper, and Housewife

Proof of My Adventures (and Misadventures!)

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Motivational Issues

I've had the worst time lately trying to get mentally in gear.  I have several sewing projects on my plate (all for paying clients) and deadlines are creeping closer every day.  I don't know what my problem is, but the sewing mojo just isn't there.  I utterly hate when this happens...I want my sewing to be something that makes me happy, not a chore to be completed under pressure.  I know everyone goes through creative slumps, but this seriously couldn't have come at a worse time.

There's a fun guild event coming up - a Victorian train ride - and I'd hoped to make a new outfit for it.  It's safe to say that's not happening at this point.  I'll have to wear my only Victorian outfit (the blue bustle dress) again.  I do like it, and I'm starting to get it accessorized to a level I'm happy with, but still...it's not new and shiny.  At least all the hard work I put into making it is paying off with multiple wearings.  Besides, it'll be fun to see all my friends and go on a scenic round-trip train ride.  Last year Ben and I wound up leaving early because we hadn't eaten all day.  I'll make sure that's not an issue this time!

In the meantime, if anyone has advice for sweet-talking a sewing muse who's apparently on strike, please feel free to chime in!

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I wish I knew what to tell you, but those slumps hit me hard and I end up just riding them out. Good luck, and hopefully it'll pick back up for you in plenty of time! *hugs*

Thanks for the encouragement! I managed to accomplish a couple easy tasks today. Maybe tackling the bigger stuff won't be so disagreeable tomorrow!

I'm glad to hear it! Sometimes I do manage to pull off some easy tasks and keep the ol' confidence going... hopefully tomorrow will be a great day for you! :)

It must be going around because I'm in a total slump too! Maybe we need to get together for a sewing day sometime so we can try to cheer each other up.

But I am SO happy that you are still coming to the train ride! It is going to be so much fun! :)

I would LOVE to do a sewing day! I've found that having someone else there who's also sewing can definitely help boost my productivity. It's that same feeling you get when you're watching someone else clean...you feel compelled to do the same.

I'm buying my train ticket today! REALLY looking forward to it. :)

I think my sewing muse is on strike, too. The only way I ever escape from the sewing doldrums is to grit my teeth, march into the sewing room, and DO something, even something crummy, then rely on the momentum to keep going.

I think you're right. I need to just put on my big girl pants and get to it! I managed to pull out the patterns I need, get the pieces cut, and successfully die a small amount of fabric before I called it a day. Not quite the rousing performance I would've liked to give, but I'll take something over nothing!

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