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Marthon Sewing

Yesterday was one of those push to get it done days.  By 'it,' I mean the skirt portion of the wedding outfit I'm making.  I spent about 10 hours sewing.  Well, sewing and pressing really...but you get the picture.  You might be thinking that a skirt shouldn't take that long...Trust me, I'm thinking the same thing!  Blind hems are apparently not my strong suit, and it was really two skirts with curved hems and massive circumference.  In the end, I had to wave my white flag and put it down to finish up today.  My back ached, my butt was sore from sitting in an inadequately padded task chair, and I was sticky from sewing in a room with only a box fan for a/c.  Not meeting my goal was really disheartening but I really was right at my breaking point.

Today, I woke up rested and got the job done.  It feels great, even if it's a day later than I wanted.  As soon as Ben gets home I'm heading to UPS to get this box shipped.  I'm still tweaking the fit of the bodice, so hopefully this mockup is The One.  If it still needs major changes I think I might start tearing out my hair.

In happier news, the corset fit great!  Almost no wrinkles at all, and the chicken patties created even more shaping than I'd hoped for.  So hooray for that!

All in all, I can't wait for this project to be over with.  I've been meticulously saving small bits of the scraps so I can stuff a voodoo doll with it during CLW.  I've got a dress in mind for the Mourning Party, but I'm having some trouble finding the right brocade fabric for it.  Also, I've only been able to find a pic of it from one angle (the back) so I'll have to make some educated guesses about the front, or just accept that it will be an 'inspired by' dress and not a replica.  Who knows, after this wedding outfit I might be burnt out on sewing.  We'll see what happens.  Here's the dress:

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Oh. My. Gawd! That is one AMAZING dress! Good luck getting done with the "have to" sewing so you can get around to the "want to" sewing!

You have SERIOUSLY outdone yourself. Oh my God.

This is just the dress I WANT to make. It's a Worth dress from the 1870's. Didn't want you to have the impression that it's my work!

That gown is gorgeous! Have fun making it! :)

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