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The Ramblings of a Seamstress, Gardener, Chicken Keeper, and Housewife

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Fabric Finds!

I've had the urge to go thrifting lately, so when I had some free time earlier today I decided it was time to just do it.  I only hit the store closest to me, but I still managed to find a goodie!

I found this fabric folded up and further compacted with a strip of clear packing tape in the linens/pillows area.

It caught my eye immediately because it reads 18th century-esque, at least to me.  I'm hoping you can all help me confirm (or deny) it.  I think it's a quilting cotton, but my search on the company and style didn't bring up much.

The Thomas Strahan Company now manufactures reproduction wall coverings, so that tidbit gives me hope that this is accurate enough to work for a casual 18th century gown.  I've got a whopping 11 yards of it (before preshrinking) so I could potentially get several different pieces from this.  For $3, I'm absolutely thrilled!

Earlier this year I scored something similar at an estate sale.  My plan was to make a jacket or possibly an anglaise from it depending on how I decide to lay out the pieces.  What do you all think of it?  Too modern, or should I go for it?  I really love the bright red flowers and the squiggly stripes.

And just for giggles, here's the two of them together for further comparison.

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I'm no expert on 18th c, but these really do look awesome! Great finds!!

Thanks! I appreciate any and all input...I started second guessing myself after a while, so I figured it was time to ask for some other opinions. :-)

Nice! You could try matching the look and feel of this to some photos in a textile dictionary. If you don't have one, perhaps the library?

Good suggestion. I'll have to go poke around the library or find a deal on Amazon!

The stripes and small scale florals remind me more of Regency/Romantic prints, but I think you could totally pull if off for 18th c. too. They had stripes and florals in earlier periods too, but the flowers were usually more naturalistic. But dude - that much fabric for that price? I'd totally make a big honkin' dress from it no matter if it was exactly right or not! LOL!

With that much fabric I think I'll do both 18th century and Regency! Thanks for the input. I'm so glad our group doesn't go all historical-accuracy-police on people. Makes me feel OK about using some creative license. :)

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