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The Ramblings of a Seamstress, Gardener, Chicken Keeper, and Housewife

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Is This Idea Too Crazy?

Colonial Williamsburg.

I've been seeing fellow costumers post about it lately, and those who haven't been yet seem to have it on their costume bucket-list.  I've gotta admit, I've wanted to for a while now myself.  Part of what holds me back is that I don't really want to be the only costumed person there who doesn't work for CW.  Maybe some of my costumer friends feel the same way...

So why don't we plan a group trip?

It'd need to be far enough out that I could do some saving up (and I'm sure others are in the same boat.)  Maybe the last half of 2013 or sometime in 2014?  That would also be more than enough time to put together a small wardrobe of outfits and accessories. 

So who's interested?  You don't have to set anything in stone, I'm really just trying to figure out if this is something I should seriously start organizing and planning.

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LOL! Between CoCo and things like CW, my head's going to explode. We're still contemplating CoCo with changes from the original plan to cut back a little on everything we originally wanted to do, but maybe I could ask hubby about 2014 sometime. I don't want him feeling like all the big vacations are places I wanted to go or really pushing back funds for other things like cars and buying a house, but it never hurts to ask him.

I just wanted to add, it definitely couldn't be in 2013 if we did do another trip -- it would have to be later, especially if we did CoCo. I'll chat with him a little though. And who knows... if CoCo fell through, I still plan to save and sew regardless.

I totally understand! I'm not sure if Ben would be all that enthusiastic about going either, but you never know really. 'Real' life things should definitely come first.

Christopher sounds like he's definitely interested. I think the double-whammy of two big vacations is making him nervous, and when pushed about which sounds better he is on the version of maniacal laughter or screaming from indecision. LMAO! Lots of things we could check out in that area as well (which of course always bulks up the cost of a trip, but you want to make sure you see everything you can in case you never get to go back again).

I guess it'll just be a matter of saving up, continuing to talk, and seeing what eventually happens.

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(pardon typos... version = verge... apparently my brain is going in too many directions right now ;) heheheh)

Sounds totally reasonable to me! Looks like 2014 is probably better than 2013 for at least a few of us, so that gives us LOTS of time to talk and plan plot. ;)

I'd be interested! But I have no clue when that could actually happen. I don't think I could do it the same year that I made a trip anywhere else, and I'm hoping that we can finally take a little family vacation in 2013. So yeah - it would be fabulous, but maybe further down the road for me.

Yay!!! I really hope we can find a time that works for everyone. So far it sounds like 2013 is out for a few of us, so maybe 2014?

I'd totally be in for 2014. I'm planing on coco for 2013, so I doubt I can make any more trips happen until the next year.

Fantastic! It sounds like 2014 is better for everyone so far, so I'm going to start planning it. :)

I'd LOVE to go to Williamsburg! I know my husband would love it, too, history buff that he is. 2014 would be better since that would put Vee at 6 and Morgan at 4... They might be a little on the young side but I think It would be an awesome history experience for the whole family.

In 2015 we're dreaming about Waterloo.

Could you send me an email at cynthia at cfgriffith dot com ? Thanks so much!

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