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The Ramblings of a Seamstress, Gardener, Chicken Keeper, and Housewife

Proof of My Adventures (and Misadventures!)

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Full Day Today!

I'm going to take a second to organize my thoughts here.  I've got a lot to do in the next few days, so keeping it organized will really help my sanity.  LOL

Picnic/Costume Stuff:

-Finish the hat.  It's mostly done, just needs the cloth crown cover attached and some froufrou added.  I've got ribbon, but if it demands feathers it may require a trip to Hobby Lobby.  On a side note, it's totally reminding me of Miss Muffet.  Gotta love it!
-Make some hair wefts, then curl the ends.  Attach them to the hedgehog wig, which could also use some fluffing and styling.  I've got the stuff, just need to do it.
-Hand finishing on the dress.  This is cuff hems, tacking down the bottom of the lining, and adding ruched trim to the cuffs and neckline.  Also decide if it will be polonaised or just worn natural in all its stripey glory.
-Bake cookies.  Snickerdoodles and sugar cookies, and according to the boxes (yeah, I'm cheating with mixes!) they will make 3 dozen each.  So, LOTS of cookies.
-Pick up stuff for cucumber sandwiches.  I think that's just squishy bread and English cucumbers now.
-Organize and pack stuff for the picnic.  'Nuff said.
-Clean up Chris's dress.  Some of the pinking is fraying, the ribbons for polonaise-ing need tweaking, and it may need a good pressing.
-Check on Chris's wig.  It's been in storage for a couple months and will definitely need some time to 'breathe' and maybe some restyling.

General Errands/Indiana Prep:
-Grocery shop at Target for easy-to-make foods for Ben.  Tombstone pizzas and block cheese, plus whatever else catches my eye.
-Petsmart: a new squeaky toy for Wendy and a smaller bag of kibble for the road trip and Indiana stay.  Also, more cat litter.
-Hobby Lobby as the hat demands.
-The bank for cash.
-Tidy up the house and definitely sweep or swiffer.  No one wants pet hair on their hemlines (or at least, no more than can be avoided in a house that's as animal friendly as mine.)
-Fill chicken food and water in both coops.
-Clean cat litter and water bowl.
-Pack tools, cleaning supplies, and clothes for Indiana.
-Find some audiobooks for the drive.
-Close up the sewing room when all the costuming stuff is done.  Cats wreak havoc while you're away!

Ugh, I both love and hate writing these lists.  It's all easy to see and cross off now, but is sure does look like a lot typed up!  On that note, it's time for me to start baking cookies and cleaning up the kitchen.  :)

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*sneaking on during my mostly FB social media break (still undecided if I'll "cheat" and use all other social media places)*

Yeah, I just started making my Friday and Saturday checklist on Evernote. Thank goodness for lists... I'd forget my head if it weren't attached! I'm just happy Evernote also has the check box feature, and I can access it on iPhone, iPad, and laptop. I used to use paper, but then I started losing the main list in the pile o' sewing lists... gah. I'm trying to go paperless, mostly because it's easier to search electronically than dig through piles. LOL!

Good luck with everything!

I keep trying to go digital, but there's something about having a physical list and crossing things off with a pen that is really satisfying. Kinda weird, but for me it's true! LOL Sounds like Evernote is the way to go (LOVE the checkbox feature!) and I already use it as a pattern organization system when I'm on the go or doing research at the computer.

I'll admit, until I got the iPad I had a little trouble still going fully digital. I usually hate typing on devices that don't have real keyboards, and although it still hurts a little (yay fibro ugh), I'm actually finding myself typing a lot more on the iPad. That bigger screen really helps.

Holy cow, woman! That's a LOT! But I know you can pull it off. Good luck, and don't make yourself crazy! LOL!

Thanks for the luck! Everything always seems to take longer than I think it will. *eyeroll*

I love lists - good for you!

Thanks! I think my life would sooo disorganized without lists.

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