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The Ramblings of a Seamstress, Gardener, Chicken Keeper, and Housewife

Proof of My Adventures (and Misadventures!)

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Sunk Before It Left Port...

I'm going to have to skip the Titanic exhibit.  None of my project ideas got any farther than the idea stage.  I haven't even checked my stash for potentially usable fabrics, much less come up with patterns or a 'real' gameplan for sewing anything.  That's due in part to the state of my sewing room. 

I've been dreading getting in there to start the cleanup it desperately needs.  Things are disorganized enough that it's no longer a good creative space for me.  I've still got the remains of my last couple projects to deal with (fabric scraps, putting away patterns and tools, etc.) and it wouldn't really take long to get that sorted out, but really I think it's my fabric stash that's the real issue.  I've been amassing it for about a decade, and during that time my fabric needs have changed.  I'm left with a lot of perfectly usable fabric that I personally have no plans of using anytime soon, if ever.  Lots of Wal-Mart $1/yard stuff that may or may not have an accurate fiber content but was a great deal at the time.  I've held onto it because that voice in my head tells me you never know when you might need it...and that voice has been right often enough that it's hard to ignore.  Holding onto it has resulted in a shortage of space, and now recent my 'good' fabric finds don't have a place on the shelves.  Instead, they're taking up my workspace and causing a lot of visual clutter that's hard to ignore.

I have no doubt that I've sorted out the 'Don't Keep' stuff, I can rehome it with no problem.  Craigslist is great for that.  It's taking that first step that's the problem.  I don't know what it is about this time of year, but it's really hard for me to get motivated to do much beyond the day-to-day necessities.  Things tend to pick up in February/March and I have tons of energy and patience for all sorts of tedious projects...but December/January?  No way.

Beyond that hurdle though, money's a little tight right now what with paying rent here, the mortgage in Indiana, and utilities for both places.  Ben and I have to carefully choose where we spend our 'fun' money, and I think I'd rather save what we do have for something we can both enjoy.  Sadly, he doesn't share my passion for costumes and costumed events.  ;)

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing everyone's pics of the event!  I've really enjoyed seeing the in-progress outfit posts, and seeing everyone together at the event will be even better.  Hopefully there will be some great backdrops too!

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Awww... we are going to miss you! But I totally understand. I had a bit of sticker shock when I saw the price of tickets. Ouch!

Will you be joining us for the Safari event? If so, that's not too far away.

And good luck with the sewing room. I know you will feel SO much better once you have beaten it into submission!

I'll miss all of you too! I'm definitely planning to make it to the Safari event. I don't have an outfit planned yet, so I'd better get brainstorming soon!

Thanks for the well wishes on my sewing room. I'll have to take before/after pics to share here. Just typing it all out made me kind of itch to get started, so maybe I can get a bit of it done this afternoon. :)

I understand what you mean on having to pick and choose. I'm skipping a lot of events this year, and even contemplating a few others. I have a couple I'd like to try to make, but I'm having a really hard time pushing myself to sew. A lot of things on my mind, like contemplating where that money should really go... ugh. I'm usually bad about that anyway (feeling guilty about spending money on costuming stuff), but this year is hitting me harder for some reason. The weirdest part was I couldn't wait to get back to sewing, but all sorts of things hit at the end of year and this month and set off lots of those kinds of triggers for me. I'm sure I'll get back on track, but I still want to keep it under control. I'd really like to see the Titanic exhibit (we'd be going on a different date than the DFWCG), but like Jen the sticker shock got to me. Oof!

And picking through what to get rid of and what to keep.... that's hard enough on its own! Good luck!

That really stinks that so many things are working against your sewing mojo. I completely understand - even a little stress can throw things off, and it seems to accumulate exponentially. Hopefully things will settle down soon and you can get back to the projects you were looking forward to!

Thanks for the moral support on the cleanup! :)

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