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My Accessories Are Done!

While the mask took WAY longer than I'd planned and I had to go on a special trip to get clasps for my jewelry, I'm really pleased with how they came out.  :D


Now I've just got to finish the last bits of my bodice, print handouts, and pack.  Oh, and work for 5 hours tonight.  It's a good thing I didn't get a Friday night reservation at the hotel since I wouldn't get there until midnight or possibly later.  LOL

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That is absolutely stunning! You are amazing!! Did you make the necklace and bracelet, too?

Thank you! I just added length to the necklace and made a bracelet with what was left. I did add my own clasps and a couple extension beads, but it was the work of 10 minutes, tops. They're made of 3 of these necklaces.

Wow, my sentence order was awful there. Sorry about that. I got 3 necklaces from ebay and made the jewelry from them, so really...no I didn't make them. I just improved on them. ;)

Beautiful! All that teeny wire work on the mask is just amazing.

Thank you! I can only do a wirework project like that every once in a while because they cause rapid burnout. This one was fun, but I wish I'd had the motivation to start it sooner instead of at the relative last minute.

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