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The Ramblings of a Seamstress, Gardener, Chicken Keeper, and Housewife

Proof of My Adventures (and Misadventures!)

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Moving right along!

So, it seems that I'll soon be a homeowner. :-) The bank accepted our offer on a 3 bedroom, 2520 sq. ft. house in Beech Grove. As long as the inspection doesn't turn up anything horrible, we'll be moving in during the last half of May. Kinda weird that I'm going to have my own house, but very cool too.

There will be a huge 'housewarming' party. Here's what needs to be planned: Guest list, Music, Refreshments, Seating, Activities/Entertainment. Now, for the quick brainstorm.

Guest List - Amtgard friends: Indy, Valpo, and Louisville varieties. Coworkers: Maybe I should just make up some flyers to hand out and hang in the break room? Family: Only the younger crowd. Perhaps a separate get-together for the parents-and-older crowd. Other Friends: Yeah, there aren't many that didn't already fit into a category, but they'll be invited too. So yeah, it's gonna be BIG.

Music - I'll probably ask M.C. Kevin for some help in this arena. My CD collection wallows pathetically in the shadows of his. Hope he'll be cool with helping out, cause otherwise it'll be sorta repetitive or the radio.

Refreshments - Mm-kay. I'm not sure how many glasses of beer you can get from a keg. I'll have to try to find that out. I'm thinking that with the large amount of people, asking for donations of money, beer/booze, or party foods isn't a bad idea. We're all about the party, but we're not willing to go broke to do it in high style. This one requires more thought.

Seating - You're probably wondering why this is necessary to think about. Well, lemme enlighten you. We're living in a 950 sq. ft. apartment now. We don't have many people over at any given time, so we don't have that much lounging furniture. A couch, love seat, chair set. Two computer chairs. One, maybe two camp chairs. One 'normal' chair, kinda rickety. Two beds. Four patio chairs (brand new - I'm not sure I want drunken people trashing them just yet...) Will that be enough for all the people we'll be having over? We might be getting two recliners from my mom, and four wheeled swivel chairs (that match the dining table) from Ben's parents. Two of those chairs are death traps. Maybe I should ask people to bring their camp chairs? Maybe I'm worrying too much.

Activities/Entertainment - Twister seems to be a very popular game lately, so that's a definite. We've got three TV's...video games? Or is that just asking for anti-social cliques to form? There needs to be an area usable as a dance floor. The last house party I went to had a rockin' dance floor. Hrm...this one needs more work, too.

Other Stuff to Consider - Need more trash cans and trash bags. Plastic cups, ice, paper plates, bowls for chips. Need a supply of non-alcoholic beverages (bottled water, soda, etc.) Decorations: have some Christmas lights and a few 'funky' lights. Pillows and blankets readily available for those who need to crash. Plenty of toilet paper and paper towels for spills.

OK. Enough brainstorming for now. I've got at least 6 weeks to pull it together, probably a little bit longer.

Another up-note: my 'vacation' is scheduled. It will be referred to as B-day from here on out. It starts Tuesday, May 31. I'm very excited. :-D

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As i have been to many, many parties i will get with you later and give ya some suggestions. :) But, in the mean time don't worry so much, your getting a friggin house yo!

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