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The Ramblings of a Seamstress, Gardener, Chicken Keeper, and Housewife

Proof of My Adventures (and Misadventures!)

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Saturday the DFW Costumer's Guild met up at the Candlelight event at Dallas Heritage Park.  The weather was perfectly chilly, as a Christmastime event should be.  We had a cozy group of five, and it was wonderful to walk the grounds and tour the old buildings in good company.  Unfortunately, I only got a single picture the entire time we were there!

Candlelight 2013 - The Ladies

Smartphones are impossible to operate in leather gloves.  I know they're making smartphone compatible gloves these days, but I really wanted to wear my red gloves!  Fashion before functionality, right?  ;)  I need to look around and see if they sell just the stitched pads that allow you to use your phone so I can add them to all my gloves.  Luckily for me, jenthompson saved the day and took some great pics!

While I had originally planned to make a new dress for the event, I ultimately decided to spruce up an 'old' gown instead of making a new one in a rush.  This is my natural form half-mourning gown from CoLoW 2012.  Apparently I never posted about it on here, though I posted about the new undies I made for it.  Bad blogger!  Anyway, here are some reference pics:

CoLoW 2012 1
CoLoW 2012 2

To make this ensemble look less half-mourning and more festive/holiday event, I bustled the back and added some new accessories.  I made a short capelet from melton that may or may not be wool (estate sale, $3) and two kinds of gimp braid layered to get the look I want.  Since I was feeling lazy, I just used Butterick 5265 as a base pattern.  It's shorter and collarless, but most important it looks passable as a bustle era capelet.  I made a cute purse (which will have its own post) and added some red leather insulated gloves.  I also bustled the back and wore my bustle petticoat under it.  Poof, instant transitional bustle style!

Candlelight 2013 1

We got lots of lovely compliments on our outfits, and were mistaken by some of the volunteers as their relief/replacements!  It was really cool to see how the buildings were constructed and how the average person of the times would have lived.  Even the more stately houses didn't have very much bedroom space, and the living and dining areas were small too.  I loved how much detail went into outfitting each room with appropriate furniture, tools, decor, etc.  This was a really fun event!

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I meant to tell you how much I loved your bustle treatment on your dress! There were all sorts of things that I meant to talk to you about, but I think I went a little brain-dead this weekend. But whatever you did was totally brilliant! I think I like it even better as a bustle dress than a natural form.

Thank you so much!!! I really like it this way too. All I did was take up 16" total along the center line with plastic drapery rings and ribbon ties. If I ever decide to wear it natural form again, I'll just untie everything!

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