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The Ramblings of a Seamstress, Gardener, Chicken Keeper, and Housewife

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Regency Thoughts

I think I'm fairly set on making long stays for my Regency wardrobe.  I know short stays would be quicker and a little easier, and they're on my list of stuff to make too - just not anywhere near the top.  I'd feel more comfortable wearing them once I've lost some weight (and belly bulge.)  So for the present, it's long stays for me!

I've got Past Patterns 001 earmarked for them.  I know they're technically more 1830s-40s, but I think with a slight modification of the shoulder straps it would do for Regency.  Have any of you made them, or do you forsee that pattern not working as well as I think?  I don't have a specific backup plan if that's no good, but I'm sure I can enlarge something from one of the many pattern books in my library.  LOL

In any case, I picked up some white cotton sateen and Sugar 'n Cream yarn for the cording.  I still need to get the busk bought/made.  I'll probably use a paint stirring stick for the mockup, but for the real stays I want a hardwood busk.  Hedgehog Handworks sells them, but I may go to a woodworking store and pick up a bit of wood so I can sand down my own.  That's dependent on how the prices compare and how much time I'm willing to devote to it.  I'll try to get the mockup made this week so I can get going on all my other Regency projects.

I think I've settled on a soft crowned bonnet with a straw brim, but that's dependent on my finding either a straw sun visor or one of those baseball hat with a straw brim sort of hats.  I'm going to check out the straw hat selection at Garden Ridge because it seems like they almost always have those styles.  I found cheap dyed straw sun visors on eBay (green and shades of yellow) but I'm not seeing any dyed straw bonnets in fashion plates.  It's probably better to go with a natural tone anyway, so the bonnet looks better with a wider range of future outfits.  Worst case scenario, I have some straw totes I can cannibalize for the braid and make my own crown.  Buying one pre-made is just easier.

I'll get some pics this week of the fabrics I'll be choosing from for my dresses.  For the daytime outfit, blue is a big contender.  I've got some blue dotted swiss, or I could go with white voile and top it with a blue spencer or pelisse (in velvet or velveteen) or maybe a printed fabric spencer that also has shades of blue.  I like blue!  I'm still sorting out the shoe situation for that.  I've had a little luck finding lace-up jazz boots in white, but not being able to try them on before buying them worries me.  For the evening outift, I'm thinking pink.  I was lucky enough to snag some pointed-toe pink and gold brocade flats for $10 on eBay, so that decision was easy.  I've got some changeable pink silks in the stash that will hopefully be perfect!

I may experiment with a turban for evening hair.  I should be able to hide pin curls under the daytime bonnet and then arrange a passable evening style without too much trouble.  The last time I did my whole head in pin curls, I got this:
Whoa there, pin curls!
I think I could do it a little better this time, but really with a turban and (possibly) some additional curly hairpieces here and there pretty much any pin curls should do.

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I made my long stays with that pattern, and I really love them. You are more than welcome to borrow my copy if you want. Also, I need to order a new busk for my stays - maybe we could go in on an order together and save money on shipping? I was just going to buy my busk from here since they were so cheap, but I'm guessing that shipping will be as much as the busk, which sucks. http://corsetmaking.com/category/wooden-busks.html

I'd love to go in on a busk order! Looks like USPS shipping for 2 busks to my house is $6.20 - almost as much as a single busk! I wonder if the order would make it here before the business meeting...

That would be awesome! Also, I wouldn't mind getting it from HH if you like those better. $4 extra is no big deal.

I ordered them from corsetmaking.com. HH's shipping department is closed until the 29th, so there's no way it would be here in time. They're coming priority mail, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed they'll get here this week!

I love your curls!! And the longer stays will work great. :)

Your plans sound wonderful! I love blue, too. ;) And your curls look really good. I'm impressed with doing pin curls in that length, too.

Thanks! I remember they took forever to dry, but I'll just plan for that. I sat outside for a while with my head in direct sunlight to help the process along!

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