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The Ramblings of a Seamstress, Gardener, Chicken Keeper, and Housewife

Proof of My Adventures (and Misadventures!)

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Disappearing Pattern

If you were a Regency stays pattern, where would you be?

I hate having to admit this to you all, but I haven't started my Regency wardrobe yet.  I made awesome progress cleaning up my sewing space though, and today I was going to get started on my stays.  My fabric, busk, and cotton cording are all grouped in one place, in a tote, all handy-dandy.  The pattern, though?  It's MIA.

I spent a little more time tidying up just to make sure it wasn't tucked away near the supplies.  No luck.  I glanced through my patterns too, but I didn't find it there.  Looks like I'll be going full scale organizing blitz on that room until I find it.  Yikes!

ETA: Crisis averted!  I found the pattern.

I did manage to get pics of my dress fabric choices.

I originally thought I'd go with something blue.  Here's the blue Swiss dot I have, as well as a mystery light blue with white woven stripes drapery fabric (probably cotton or cotton blend - still needs a burn test), and some wonderful white cotton voile I got in a fabric swap from jaelie:
Regency Options
Right now I'm leaning toward the white striped light blue.  I may save the Swiss dot for a summery Victorian gown.  If I wanted to go a completely different route, I have this printed cotton:
printed cotton
I originally had this earmarked for something more Civil War era, but it shrank in the wash and now I'm short by a couple yards.  Since it was Wal-Mart clearance fabric, there is no more to be found.  Whoops.  Would it be passable for Regency?

For my dinner attire, I have a subtle changeable silk I'd like to use.  Getting it to work will be tricky, because I've only got two yards and it's only 45" wide.  It's lovely with the shoes though:
Regency dinner?
This photo in no way does it justice, sadly.  It's a delicate pink in one direction, and a medium gold in the other.  Pretty much a perfect match for the shoes.  I was thinking sleeveless open robe with a white voile dress.  If I can't make the two yards work, I've got several yards of another changeable silk that's spring green/pink.  It's also pretty, but not as good a match with the shoes.  My third option would be to stick with this 'perfect' silk and make a spencer, as there's definitely enough for that.  It doesn't seem as evening appropriate though.

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Ahhh!!!! So much work for a week and a half! Don't make yourself crazy, okay? One dress will be plenty if that's all you have time for.

No worries! I have very little going on in the upcoming days, so I'll have a lot of time to devote to it all.

Maybe you could make a simple white dress for the day, and throw a fancy sleeveless spencer or tunic over it for evening. 2 yards would be plenty for something like this maybe: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/186688347026408722/

Oooh, thanks for the image! I like it!

Love it! Maybe you can squeeze out the turban/toque as well!

I'm crossing my fingers that with some 'creative' patterning, I can make it happen!

Love the fabric options! That stripey light blue is very pretty. I love stripesm, heh! Which pattern are you using for the stays?

Thanks! I'm using Past Patterns 001 (1820-1840 stays.) I'll make modifications to the bust gores and shoulder straps to make it more Regency appropriate. :)

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