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The Ramblings of a Seamstress, Gardener, Chicken Keeper, and Housewife

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Last Minute Decisions

So, the Georgian Picnic is tomorrow.  Naturally, I'm doing some last-minute sewing today.  I've run into a potential stumbling block and I'd like your opinion.  My plan is to finish up a matelasse petticoat (the quick and easy way to fake a quilted look without all the quilting.)  That's definitely happening, no matter what else I decide.  My intention was to make a striped jacket to go with it, but now I'm second guessing whether the colors even go together, or if it all looks too drab.

In the middle is the petticoat fabric.  On the left is the striped fabric I was planning to use for the jacket.  On the right is fabric leftover from my en forreau gown, which I could polonaise with the new petticoat.  What do you think?  The lack of bright colors is really throwing me for a loop because it's not what I usually make.  Is it silly to even worry about it since I'm also making a short cloak which will cover a lot of the jacket anyway?  Ugh, decisions.

ETA: The jacket will just have to wait.  Less last-minute sewing/stressing means more fun at the event.  This-old-thing dress it is!

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Hmm...I like the original fabric choice best, but I could see the bright one being really cute, too. Once the petticoat is finished, maybe try it on with the bright one and see how well you like it, and if you don't then you can still whip up the jacket. :)

That's a great suggestion. Thanks!

I love both - but I vote for polonaise-ing the old dress just because it is easier and sleeping is a good thing. :)

This!! You will look lovely, AND be well rested. ;)

Thank you! I'm going to listen to you both and wear the 'old' dress.

Thanks! I think that's exactly what I'll do.

I like the flowers on the right. Get some color in there!

Thanks! It's late enough in the day that I'm not sure I'd be able to get the jacket done anyway...but I really do like having some color!

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