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The Ramblings of a Seamstress, Gardener, Chicken Keeper, and Housewife

Proof of My Adventures (and Misadventures!)

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2014 Wrap-Up

In looking back over my event photos, it seems that 2014 was a year of new accessories but only one new outfit for me.  I did manage to sew a couple outfits for a friend though, which I'm counting as a win!  Here we go:

January saw a new bag to match my fantasy ice queen outfit.

March was my biggest sewing push of the year with Regency stays, bib-front dress, reticule, and bonnet.  I don't think I ever did a wrap post on these, which is something I was awful about doing last year too.  I'll try hard to kick that bad habit in 2015!

In April I whipped up a steampunk-esque belt/bag combo that helped transform my safari outfit into a fairy-hunter outfit.

In May I updated my tried-and-true blue bustle dress with new bows on the drapery and a pleated ribbon behind the brooch.

In June I spiffed up my Regency bib-front with a turban, necklace, and sash/buckle combo for an evening look.  I also made a Regency dress for my friend.

In July I made a fichu and purchased a gnarly spider so I could be Little Miss Muffet for an evening.

October saw yet more Regency goodies - a mourning dress, hat, jewelry and reticule for my friend.

November was all 18th century with a (faux) quilted petticoat using a matelasse curtain, a short cloak, and a cap.

I managed to meet some, but not all, of the goals I set for myself this year.  Here was my list:

1.  Regency underthings.  I need it all, and I need it by mid-March!  Done!
2.  Regency clothes.  That's very vague as I haven't completely decided what I want yet, but I'd like to have two outfits by mid-March.  Done enough - one outfit, not two.
3.  Regency headgear.  I'm thinking some kind of bonnet, but it's still up in the air.  Done!  Bonnet and turban, go me!
4.  18th century mitts.  Nope, and I totally regretted this one at our very chilly Georgian picnic.
5.  A new bustle outfit with new accessories to match.  Nope.  I even bought new fabric for a Christmasy bustle dress and then was too sick to finish it or go to the event. Double fail.
6.  A new natural form outfit, the frillier the better.  Nope.
7.  18th Century jacket.  Nope, but the fabric patiently waits in the stash.
8.  Something Elizabethan or Tudor.  This is also vague, but I've got some stash fabric crying out to be used.  Then I'll need to find an event for the outfit.  Nope, that fabric is still calling me.

This was a slow year for me in terms of new and amazing outfits.  I spent a lot of the year dealing with various things that caused stress (cosmetic remodels of 3 rooms in our house, preparing for a family visit) and heartache (death of a pet, Dad's health problems, having to go 10 months without seeing him or my mom due to financial constraints) and generally just took more time and effort than I anticipated (garden and landscaping - totally enjoyable but exhausting!)  I'm not anticipating quite so much strife in the coming year, so I'm going full steam ahead with my sewing goals and see what I can accomplish.

1. Regency stays that are actually comfortable.  I may give short stays a try this time.
2. Regency evening outfit.  I've already got dress fabric and shoes, so this one should be a slam dunk.
3. 18th century mitts.  This one's been upgraded from 'want' to 'need' after this year's picnic.
4. Bustle dresses.  At least two, maybe more.
5. That frilly natural form dress I didn't make last year.
5. A new-to-me era, possibly Edwardian.
6. More 18th century stuff, including that jacket I didn't get to last year.  I want to have a good mix-and-match thing going on with that era.
7. Something pretty to wear to the Ren faire or 12th Night celebrations.  Ooh, that stash fabric!
8. More outfits for my friend, who loves Regency but is willing to try other (less comfortable) eras.
9. More wig styling and hairpiece creation.  I've got Kendra's book but haven't tried a single thing from it yet!
10. Make a bigger effort to attend guild events, especially if it's one I haven't attended before.  Even if it's not my favorite era or I don't have a shiny new outfit, I can still enjoy hanging out with my friends.  I feel like I missed out on stuff more than usual this past year and I feel bad about that.

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Your Miss Muffet was so cute!!!
And I am very fond of all the accessories you made.
I can't wait to see what you make in 2015.

Thank you very much! Miss Muffet was a lot of fun. :)

Sewing for friends or family definitely counts as a win! So glad your friend likes Regency. :)

Plus I love your blue bustle dress - I never get tired if it! It's lovely, well-fitted to you, beautifully trimmed, and my favorite shade of blue. ;)

Thank you! That bustle outfit is one of the few I've got that I feel is fully complete, including all accessories. Sometimes it just takes a few wearings to get it all just where you want it. :)

Hooray for accessories, so lovely!! And good luck with your 2015 plans!

Lovely! See, your post gives me hope for 2015. Lovely accessories to keep going and working on things, with bigger things here and there. Love it! And that blue bustle will always be a fave of mine too!

Thank you! I've found that accessories are great for those times when I'm just too exhausted to get into a big project. They keep my sewing mojo going so that when inspiration does strike, I'm still on my game. :)

I know how you feel about the Guild events, I missed so many this year! And all my favourite ones, too. :(

You made some super cute accessories this year! That's something I need to step up on, I always get caught up on making the dress and run out of time for accessories, and then I feel unfinished. XP

It definitely helped this year that I had enough base costumes that still needed accessories! I definitely tend to err on the side of finishing the costume first, and I've had my share of under-accessorized outfits. :)

Oh. My. Goodness! SO MUCH FABULOUS!!! I can't even!

Fabulous list!!! I'm so excited that you are venturing into Regency now, and you are always so perfectly accessorized. Great job!

I'm looking forward to spending more time with you at events this year. You are always so missed when you can't come!

Thank you! I'm pretty surprised at how much I'm enjoying Regency-wear. It's so quick compared to other eras. I'm super excited to get going on this evening ensemble. :)

I'm really looking forward to spending more time with you at events too. This past year (second half especially) could have used more friend time. I'm definitely making that happen in 2015!

So much cute stuff this year!

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