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The Ramblings of a Seamstress, Gardener, Chicken Keeper, and Housewife

Proof of My Adventures (and Misadventures!)

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A Regency Bonnet and Redingote for a Lady Archer

Saturday some friends and I attended a Regency-themed event: Archery and Jane Austen, hosted by the Wylie Recreation Center.  It's unusual that a city puts on a costume-friendly event like this, so we had to take advantage of it!  Since the main activity was archery, I assumed it would be an outdoor event.  Coming on the heels of some harsh winter weather, I also assumed it would be chilly.  Well, I was wrong on both counts but my friend Chris got some snazzy cool weather gear out of it anyway!

Working from Laughing Moon #130, I made her the redingote without the cape.  Chris's only request was that she wanted something colorful to break up the all white dress she'd be wearing underneath.  Knowing she loves purple, I perused the selection at JoAnn's and came away with a velvety velour/suedecloth sort of fabric.  While it's not historically accurate, it is super soft and a great color.  Parts of the bodice call for a lining and I just used some light lavendar satin that was already in the stash.

The pattern goes together well enough, though I did find it particularly time consuming.  I did have issues with a few of the marks not lining up, but everything was close enough that I wasn't confused by it.  I made some adjustments based on Chris's body type, so I essentially cut the collar, sleeves and sleeve heads in the smallest size, and the bust and skirts in the size that corresponded with her bust measurement.  This caused a little bit of wonkiness with the sleeves since I didn't adjust the sleeve pattern to correspond with the larger-sized side bodice piece, but in the end it still fit her all right and worked out for the archery.  I did shorten the standing collar by about an inch since the pattern instructions specifically mention that it's very tall.

Spencer Front Spencer Back

I also made her a new bonnet from Lynn McMasters Regency Era Soft Crown Bonnet/Hat Pattern.  This is essentially Hat 1 with the narrowest possible brim.  The fashion fabric is a super cool changeable silk that I've had in my remnant stash since '07, I think.  It's like it was made for the project and I'm really happy with how it turned out!  Indoor lighting doesn't really show off the colors that well:
Bonnet Indoors

But outside in the sun...well, it speaks for itself:
Bonnet in the Sun

The Archery event was really a lot of fun!  Our group of guild ladies looked absolutely wonderful, and a couple of the staff members dressed up too!

Group with Bows

jaelie made a lovely new spencer:
Jay Profile

atherleisure made a diaphonous white gown, and it seems I only got a mediocre picture of the back.  :(  Trust me when I say it was gorgeous and ethereal.
Dress Back

Everyone got several turns of target shooting.  The staff there was wonderful about explaining the rules of archery and the proper shooting techniques.
Ginger and Chris

Ginger Shooting

I even got a couple short videos of our fun.  Please excuse the shakiness, I clearly need to use a tripod when filming!

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Wonderful! Everyone looks smashing, and I really enjoyed the video. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you! Everyone really did look great, didn't they? :)

Such a cool event! And that changeable silk is just Wow! You guys look great!

Thank you! We really had a great time there.

Thank you for the lovely compliments and getting the video of me. I still need to get pictures of my dress...I meant to on Saturday but had so much fun that I completely forgot.

Your spencer came out nicely, and the shot bonnet was very cool in the sunlight.

You're very welcome! I got so caught up in the fun that I completely forgot to get additional pictures of anything after we were done shooting. I'm kicking myself now!

The story of my life...No one should ever count on me for photographic evidence. I'm hopeless.

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