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The Ramblings of a Seamstress, Gardener, Chicken Keeper, and Housewife

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Vague plans for a new bustle dress...

The DFWCG's next meet up is in a little over two weeks, and naturally I'd like something new to wear.  We'll be going to the Sherlock Holmes ineractive exhibit at the Perot Museum, so anything bustle era, steampunk, tweed, etc. would work fine, though I've really got my heart set on a new bustle dress.

I have some fabric options in my stash, and hopefully I can manage it all from that and avoid the cost of new fabrics and trimmings.  I've wanted a more summer-apporopriate and frilly/girly outfit for a while now.  I picked up some striped cotton yardage that I thought would be great, but now I'm second guessing myself and wondering if the stripes are just way too narrow.  What do you think?

The button card is only there for scale.  (Yes, I have rulers but they weren't nearby!  :p)  My plan with this was to stick to the blue and white theme throughout, so maybe accent with a white underskirt and cuffs/collar/etc or white lace trimmings and have pops of crimson red bows or swags here and there.  I lucked across this synthetic 'straw' hat at the thrift store that I'd modify to be sufficiently era-appropriate and would tie the whole thing together:

Though if that doesn't work, I have white hats of similar fiber that would be a great backup:

Right now I'm feeling inspired by this 1872 dress, but my plans aren't set in stone yet.  Picture red where the gray bows and darker blue trimmings are.

I've also got silk that's been burning a hole in the stash for several years, and would be great for a later bustle era dress:

My plan was to use the embroidered silk as the vest portion of TV466 or TV463, and also as an accent somewhere in the skirt.  Again, no solid plans beyond that just yet.

Whatever I decide, I need to get on it soon.  I'll be flying to Indianapolis to visit my mom in 6 days, and staying there for a week.  I can work on some stuff there, but I'd prefer to keep that to a minimum (accessories or hand sewing) so I can focus on enjoying my stay there.  I'll have 3 days when I get back to finish it up before I'll need to wear it.  That means I need to carefully plan and execute whatever plan I come up with.  Decisions, decisions...

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That blue dress is just delicious! I love silk but for summer the striped cotton you already have would be so crisp and nice.

You are so right. That silk isn't going anywhere. :)

I really like the blue and white stripe! It would look lovely trimmed with eyelet like in your inspiration pic. Funny coincidence: I'll be in Indianapolis (well, technically Carmel) at the same time as you. Best of luck with getting this one done in time for the event!

Yeah, I really love the look of that eyelet too. I may have to look for some (and break my use-only-stash-stuff rule!)

That is a funny coincidence! I hope you enjoy your stay in Carmel. It's the best side of town, so you'll have lots of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. :) I'll be staying with my mom on the south side of town, near Southport.

For summery weather, I, too, favor the blue-and-white stripe: it looks very fresh and smart!

But I'd love to see someone do a tweed country costume, sometime, like for a Victorian or Edwardian shooting party---without all the dead game, of course. Those skirts were bustled, even though they were short, to accommodate the tramping over hill and dale, heather, moor and glen, and the jackets were so tailored, so masculine and yet somehow female-sexy---!

I think I'll go with the blue and white stripe. Everyone has liked it so far, and (I hope) they would have said something if the stripe isn't appropriate for bustle era fashions. It's so small I imagine it will appear light blue from a distance anyway, which suits me fine!

A tweed hunting outfit would be really gorgeous! Something to think about for a fall or winter Victorian event (in Texas) for sure.

From a distance, that small stripe may read as light blue instead of a stripe, but that works to make it very similar to the inspiration pic. Up close, though, the stripes will be wonderful. The red accents will look fabulous!

Edited at 2015-04-24 03:02 am (UTC)

Thank you! My plan is to get started today.

I love love the blue. But then, blue's my favorite color.

I am so envious of your ability to build these gorgeous clothes in such short time! I say envious, but I'm also inspired. LOL I need to get to it!

Yep, me too! I think I held off on this fabric for so long since I have my original blue silk bustle dress, and it seemed like I should branch out into other colors. But...nah. I think I'll branch out into summer cotton instead!

I find the first time I do something, it takes a long time. Sussing out all the fitting issues and learning the tricks to getting the right silhouette and look can be time consuming. Luckily I now have some fitted, tried-and-true base patterns (for bustle era and 18th century, at least) and all the necessary undies so I can get right to the construction. :)

Ooo, I love that blue stripe, I definitely vote that one! The little pops of crimson will be fun, too, especially with that beautiful design you've chosen!

Thank you! I really need to get started on it. I'm in total love with the idea, but not so much with the work it'll take to make it. LOL

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