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The Ramblings of a Seamstress, Gardener, Chicken Keeper, and Housewife

Proof of My Adventures (and Misadventures!)

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I am Truman.
Which Evil Criminal are You?
A Rum and Monkey crime.

Due to the death of President Roosevelt, you became President of the United States of America on April 12th, 1945 - just at the tail end of World War Two. Japan had offered a surrender in January, and once you were in power, attempted again in May. In July, they offered surrender at least six times.

In August, against Roosevelt's known wishes and the wishes of many of your advisors, you dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese city Hiroshima, and another one on Nagasaki. Literally hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians died; many, many more suffered horrible sicknesses from the radiation. As Eisenhower put it: "the Japanese were ready to surrender and it wasn't necessary to hit them with that awful thing."